Paradisiac beaches and fabulous waves are one of Indonesia’s most precious jewels to enjoy….and to protect. 
During the last decades, Indonesia has seen a strong and constant growth of international tourist arrivals. While this situation helped the country develop its economy and create many jobs, it has also created a very problematic and risky situation.
Environmental issues and especially waste management are now one of the biggest problems Indonesia has to face. During the last years, we’ve seen many examples of the consequences of uncontrolled development and poor waste management. We’ve all seen Dede Suryana surfing a wave full of trash, and more recently we’ve seen disappear one beautiful wave in Bali, Nikkos.

Unfortunately, authorities don’t seem to have enough means to face the problem properly. It implies the current situation in which some amazing places and ecosystems are endangered by the growing amount of wastes that freely roams into nature. 

However, Swilo is excited to find groups of surfers, both locals and tourists, that are well aware of the situation and do their best to fight it. 
One noteworthy clean up effort is Project Uluwatu, a project started by surfers, local business owners, and residents to clean up the beach and ravines of Uluwatu-Bali from bio and chemical contamination. This group has been cleaning and providing waste management for Uluwatu since 2011. 
Rip Curl and their crew have been helping them since the first clean up when 30 tons of rubbish were hauled out. 
Since Project Clean Uluwatu started carrying out rubbish with Yayasan GUS and Eco Bali Recycle they’ve composted, recycled and responsibly disposed over 2 000 cubic meters of trash. 
Both groups continue their effort by regularly organizing beach clean up events respectively in Uluwatu and Canggu. 
They are living examples that locals really care about preserving their surroundings and are actively fighting for it. 

Swilo is proud to participate to these projects and help the awesome people who are part of it. We try our best to join them in their effort whenever it’s possible.

Swilo team helping Project Clean Uluwatu during the last beach clean up 
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