How it works

Swilo is a platform that connects surfers with local surf businesses anywhere in the world.

Anyone can register on the platform, but during the beta period, we prefer to personally review every service provider application in order to offer the best experience to our users.

If you are looking for a surf guide, a photographer, a surf school or a surf camp to plan your next surf trip, you can register as a customer here: Register

If you want to offer your services and register as a service provider, please first register on this page and create a profile. You will then be able to apply as a local on your profile settings page by clicking the link 'Become a local'. We will then review your application and help you create the best profile possible. 

How it works:

  • Search through the service provider profiles
  • Compare them using our rating and review system
  • Find the perfect local for your need, request a booking on one of their packages.
  • The local then has 48 hours to accept or deny your request, you’ll only be charged when the local accept your booking
  • If the service provider accepts your request you’ll then be able to chat with him directly on the website to plan the details of your experience
  • Time to go surfing! Meet your local service provider, surf together, take pictures, share the waves, the local culture and an awesome experience
  • Share your feedback with the community using our review and rating systems, and tell others about your experience on social medias!
  • It’s now time to go back home...we know, it’s sad. But why not becoming a local too?

Register as a local and you can start receiving travelers, share your knowledge, introduce them to the local culture and start earn money for doing what you love.

If you have any questions you can refer to our FAQ pages (Customer, Service Provider) or contact us at: