Frequently Asked Question by Customers


What is Swilo?

Swilo is the first ever marketplace dedicated to surf. It allows surfers to prepare their next surf trip by connecting them with local service providers such as surf guides, photographers, surf camps and much more. 

What kind of experience can I book?

The choice of experiences is quite large on Swilo, from a simple one-on-one guiding session to a 2 weeks surf camp holiday with your friends you will find tons of unique experiences allowing you to make the most of your trip and bring back awesome memories.

The experiences includes but are not limited to:

  • Guiding sessions
  • Photo or video shooting
  • Coaching or class session with a surf school
  • Boat trips and surf charters
  • Surf camps
  • Surf resorts, villas and home-stays. 

How do I register?

You can easily register on our homepage using the bouton ‘Register’ on the top right corner of the page.

You can also start a research through our list of local experiences and compare them. But you will be asked to register an account in order to request a booking.

The register process is pretty simple. You can either sign-up with your email address or your facebook profile. You’ll then be required to enter some basic information we and the locals would need to know before you can make a booking.

What kind of experience should I book?

The kind of experience you should book depends a lot on your experience in surfing and what is the objective of your trip/session.

If you would like to access a famous spot but fear you don’t know the place or the locals enough, then a guiding session is the way to go. The guide you’ll choose will introduce you to the spot, brief you on how to maneuver once in the water and where to watch out for dangers. In the mean time, he’ll introduce you to the line up and people he knows on the spot, allowing everyone to quickly get in touch and share the waves.

If your objective is to improve your surf then a coaching session, a class lesson or even a surf camp are the right options for you.

Where is Swilo available?

Swilo is available worldwide and anyone can quickly register on the platform. However, as it is only the beginning for us, we choose to focus our efforts to build the best offer and experience possible for you in Indonesia. This means that, for now, only Indonesian based service providers will be accepted. Once we’ll be able to we will quickly expand our offer to other countries.

Are there any fees?

In order to cover our functional and marketing costs, we do apply a 10% commission on every transaction made on the platform (the lowest rate of the market!).

What you see is what you pay, there is no hidden or additional fees from what is displayed on the booking page.


What is the booking process?

The booking process is quick and easy. Once you’ve found the local you want to hire and you’ve selected the package you want, you’ll have to send a request for a booking by clikcing 'Request to book'. You’ll then be asked to enter your payment information but you’ll not be charged until the host accept the booking. The local has 24 hours to accept or deny the booking.

How can I get in touch with a host?

In order to protect private information and privacy of our users, you’ll be able to get in touch with the local once he has accepted your booking request. You’ll then have access to our chat service, allowing you to get in touch with him and settle the details of your session.

What do I get when I book an experience?

Depending on what type of experience you book and what’s in the package, experiences and sessions can vary widely. Be sure to read all the details of the description and what’s included or not in the package.

Our chat service allows you to directly get in touch with locals in order to get more details about a package if you need it.


In what language should I communicate? Does the host speak English?

Most of the locals speak English, but their skills can vary widely. There are icons, on each local profiles, specifying which languages they speak.

I don’t see the exact location of the experience or the guide, how do I know where to go?

As we speak about surfing you know that the specific location of a session usually depends on of the conditions of the day.

What we display on the website is the meeting point location where the local likes to meet its customer. It’s usually a well-known place in the area and it is easy to find.

About the location where the experience will take place, it depends on your choice, either you’d like to surf one spot or another,  and the conditions. Be sure to ask your host beforehand using our chat service.  

How does the review system work?

Our review system allows every surfer to rate and review its experience with a local once it took place. When the experience is finished you’ll receive an email asking you to rate and review your local experience. This simple action allows us to ensure locals always deliver the best experience possible to our customer and if it is not the case, to quickly get in touch with them and see how we can help them improve it.

It also allows the community to get valuable information and helps other travelers in their search of the perfect guide.

Is it a private session or will I join a group?

You can book both private or group session on our platform. You will find in the description of the selected experience which type it is. We ask our service providers to be as specific as possible in their description and to clearly states what’s included and what isn’t.


When will I be charged for the booking?

You will be charged once the booking request is confirmed by the service provider and not before. You will not be charged until you receive the booking confirmation.

You will usually be asked to pay 100% of the amount upfront. But depending on the location of the host and PayPal availability or the type of payment chose by the service provider you may be asked to pay only the amount of the price corresponding to applicable service fee as clearly stated during the booking process and the remaining amount in person to the service provider once the experience has taken place.

Once the booking is confirmed the payment is processed and transferred to Paypal where it is split between Swilo and the service provider.

Who do I pay once making a booking?

Once the booking is confirmed, the payment is processed by Paypal or Braintree (Paypal owned company) if you choose to pay by credit card.

If you paid 100% of the amount, the total amount will then be split by our third-party payment system between us (the service fee) and the service provider. We do not handle at any point the money of the service provider.

The service provider will then receive the payment once the experience has taken place in a satisfactory manner.

If online payment solutions are not available, you will only be charged the service fee. You will then receive an email specifying exactly how much you still owe to the service provider. You will then be required to pay this amount to the local service provider when you meet him. 

DISCLAIMER: The amount to be paid, on the day of the experience, is the one displayed at the time of the booking which is displayed on the voucher and the online bill. This amount will not vary between the time of the booking and the date of the experience and will not take consideration of currency exchange rate evolutions between these two dates.

Online payment solutions will soon be added to our platform.

When do I need to make the payment?

You will be required to enter your payment information (Paypal or credit card) to actually request a booking. The payment will only be processed once the booking is confirmed regardless of the amount of time until the experience takes place.

What payment methods do you offer?

For now, there is only one payment method available on Swilo which is 'in person'. This means you will receive payment 'cash-in-hand', or by credit card if your business accept credit card payment, the day the experience takes place. 

Online payments will soon be available on Swilo and you will be able to accept and receive online payment and credit card by PayPal. 

Can I cancel my booking as a guest and do I receive a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your booking but the service fee is not refundable. 

If you paid by Paypal or credit card 14 days prior to the date of the booked experienced you will receive a refund equaling the total price of the booking minus the service fee.

If you cancel less than 14 days before the booked experience or you do not show the day of the booking, you will not receive any refund.


How do I know I can trust my host?

Swilo is an open platform where anyone with skills and experience can register as a host. However, in order to get a valid profile a host must meet some conditions and provide us with the following information and documents:

  • ID information and ID card copy
  • contact information
  • address
  • payment information
  • social profiles
  • experience, awards
  • self presentation
  • description of the experiences
  • photos
  • previous customer feedback if applicable

Our team manually review every application before allowing them to be posted on the platform. Either it is by phone or in person, through our local partners, we take time with them to make sure they will be able to provide you with the best experiences.

Finally, our review and rating system allows every user to give feedback to the community after each experience. Our early review program also allows past customers of guides to give them a review in order to help them get a better profile and provide the community the right information.

What happens if I have had a bad experience with a host?

While we’re trying our best to deliver to you the best experience possible either be it online or during your trip and local hosts sure trying the same, it is still possible that things could go differently from what you expected.

In this case and as soon as you or the host filled up a complaint on our website we will get in touch with you both in order to mediate the situation. Our headquarter or our local teams we’ll work with you to know what happened, to get at the bottom of the problem and to find a solution together.

Your happiness and satisfaction are what matters the most for us.

Will I get a refund if the host cancels or doesn’t show up?

If a host cancels or doesn’t show up on the day of the booked session, you’ll then get a full refund.

What happens if I break a board or one of the host property?

If you happen breaking or damaging one of the local’s properties (board, leash, etc.) you would likely be required to pay for repairing these damages. We advise you to ask beforehand, either through our chat system or when you meet the local, what is his policy on this kind of situation and what are the prices he would ask in case of a problem.

What happens if I get injured during a session?  

Surfing is an extreme sport that present risks. We strongly advise our customer to subscribe an insurance contract specialized in sports, including surfing and/or a travel insurance. In this case, you’ll get covered in most of the situation, even for material deterioration.